We keep staying (to keep going)

We needed to find a place to stay for a while. Somewhere nice to spend a few months so we would arrive to South America after the winter. Some place where we could find jobs to save money to keep going, eventually.
We´ve been in San Cristobal for over a month now and this is it. I still don´t know what it is, but there´s definitely something about this town. I love it here.
I found a job teaching english to Mexican kids in a school and now I´m also going to be running a hostel with my friend Zabiani.

to be continued


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  1. Dude!!! Sad news! But I’m glad that your looking out for your health. Get back safe!

    Joe!!! Keep going!!!

    You guys are both rad. Love you!

  2. Can I get a mailing address from you? I want to send letters.

  3. that´s sad to hear bryan, you should rest up and then get back on the road!

    I´ve had a lump on my foot for a while now and I did some investigating yesterday and after a painful hour, removed a piece of sea urchin that I stood on when we stayed at that beach in baja, its kinda cool i´ve been carryin a piece of that great place around for so long!

    I’m in cuenca, equador and staying here for a while to learn spanish. I might even get a job, they´re some english teaching jobs.

    jo, you should be able to find work when you get here if you need.

    keep the updates coming


  4. Chris!
    mate, that beach! i want to go back there sometime.
    i’m staying in san cris for a while.
    come to Chiapas for a visit sometime.

  5. Hey Jo,

    I don’t know you, but I do know Bryan. I’m sorry that he had to leave you, but there is no better place to be than in San Cristobal. There is a great B&B with an awesome x-pat owner named Bela. She is great to have as a friend, you should look her up. Here’s her contact info:
    Bela’s B&B
    Calle Dr. Navarro #2
    Barrio El Cerrillo
    San Cristobal de Las Casas , Chiapas 29220
    Phone: US: 707 922 5846 MX: (52) 967 678 9292

    Good luck to you on the rest of your journey,
    Annie Ortbals
    St. Louis, MO, USA

  6. hey Annie,
    thanks a lot. I’ll look her up. I’m also running a B&B:
    so it’d be good to meet her.

    ps. look after Bryan!

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