La Virgen de Juquila

I was still in the sea, watching the sunset, thinking: I could just stay here forever. But we left Puerto Escondido the following day. We decided to make a side trip to Oaxaca city, so we took a bus up the hills to the valley.

On our way there we met these guys

They’re part of a group making their annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Juquila: several days riding from all over Mexico up the hills and many switchbacks to the town of Juquila.

Most of them were riding old school singlespeeds.

This is faith. This is Mexico.

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  1. Alright fellas, you guys are making good time! Looks like your having a blast on the coast, i´m a little jealous. Mexico City was awesome, great food and great vibe. Now in Quito, managed to pack my bike in some tiny boxes and avoid extra fees, bit of advice, but did need t0 remove cranks. Hopefully get back on the road in about a week. I was talking to some people here who got a boat from Panana to Columbia that stopped at some nice islands, its more expensive than flying they said but your on the boat for 5 days. They also knew some people who went on a boat but had a bad captain and ended up going in the wrong direction and running out of food! so if you get a boat across check the credentials of the captain.

    Keep the updates coming


  2. Chris! mate, thanks for the advice. hope to meet up with you again somewhere along the road sometime. cheers

  3. Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Difficult Cases
    Beloved Mother, Virgin of Juquila, virgin of our hope, please forgive me of my sins for they are many, yours is our life, deliver us from all evil in this world of injustices, sin, and misery and you see that our life is disturbed, do not leave us.

    Our Dear Mother, protects the pilgrims, be with us as we go along our roads, care for the poor who have nothing and return the bread that has been taken from them.

    Accompany us in all our life of sin and free us of all type of sin. Amen

    Pray this prayer and say 9 Ave Marías, pray this prayer for 9 days, lighting a white candle every day and publish it on the 9th day. Your wish will be granted although you don´t believe it.

    I give thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for the favors received.

  4. Great blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your work!

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