So Bryan went back home.

We met last june in NY. During the 42ride we didn’t really hang out much, but by the time we got to LA we had decided to keep going together, even though we hardly knew each other.

7 months and a lot of miles later we had shared beds, rooms, food, spare tubes, water, laughs, beer, sweat, ants, tears, hills, smells, fear, memories, houses, sunburns, clams, loneliness, cigarettes, hospitality, dreams, peanut butter, dust, sadness, friendship, films, happiness, donas, hate, tacos, grease, tortas, joy, cookies, saddle sore, heat, empty roads, hot chocolate, love, popcorns, feelings, coffee, camp fires, the horizon, and an endless summer.

I miss you brother.

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  1. Jo
    Hope that your adventure continues in ways that will keep you fulfilled, engaged, drawing on your tremendous inner resources. Or simply ‘drawing’.
    Keep drawin!!
    Love you, man
    I am glad we DID spend what felt like quality time on 42 ride…

  2. jacquie! thanks. your words (feelings) mean a lot to me. lots of love from chiapas. come visit soob (plenty of sweet singletrack around here).

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