And then there was one.

Bryan writing here.

I regret to say that I keep going no longer. I’m out. I’ve thrown in the chamois shorts. Headed back to the States. After a few weeks of various illnesses (one brazen self-diagnoses of swine flu, one vintage and unsubstantiated diagnosis of Typhoid by a doctor) my body is now as thin and weak as my wallet. My bike ride has come to an end.

It’s been an amazing adventure. 7 months of new friendships and introspection on the road. Thank you so much to all the amazing people we met along the way, and to everyone who donated to our adventure. Truly humbling and inspiring.

So, now it’s down to Juaquin. Stay tuned and keep him going!

Good luck brother!

Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime,



  1. That sucks, Bryan. I sure am proud of you for making it as far as you did. Get well and then keep going!

  2. i love you brother and i fucking miss you.
    sending some temascal vibes your way. hasta pronto carnal.

  3. hey bryan ! i’m so impressed how far you made it. get better quick! and fatter!

  4. I miss the both of you. Get well soon Bryan.

  5. it’s a shame bryan u had to quit. you probably took what u needed from the 7 months long trip. hope u get all healthy and better. We all keep going in a way. Way to Juaquin, u are the best. You guys are making everyone so proud for ur existence… keep going…

  6. thank you! i hope i can get to meet you on the road one day!
    ps. keep going!

  7. sorry to hear that bryan get well. and buena suerte to you jo!
    with love from
    p.s. ira says ‘meow’

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